Key features
  • PCIe 1x, 4x
  • 2x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet IF
  • Lattice ECP5 FPGA
  • Up to 1GByte DDR3 Memory
  • 2x EEPROM MAC Address Chips
  • Expansion connectors
  • Low profile card form factor
  • Dual boot FPGA Firmware
  • Reprogrammability via PCie
  • Stand-alone power supply
  • FPD-Link II (optional)

In a typical frame grabbing application, the SinGrab board works as HW accelerator of the host computer CPU. The main sequence of operations that can be implemented on the board consist of:

  • Image acquisition from an external source exploiting the two available Ethernet interfaces,
  • Ethernet packet processing and image reconstruction in the FPGA,
  • Image buffering in the DDR3 memory,
  • Image transfer via DMA to the host system memory.


Additional image processing can be performed on board, depending on the availability of FPGA free elaboration resources. All these activities are executed on the SInGrab board, without affecting the host CPU performance.

The development board can be also used stand-alone, since power supply is available on board. An SPI Flash Memory is mounted on board to host a dual-boot FPGA Firmware: the FPGA can be reprogrammed via PCIe; it is also available the self-refresh capability.

The 22 single-ended GPIO connectors add flexibility allowing interactions with external devices.

Configuration SInGrab ECP5-45 SInGrab ECP5-85
FPGA Lattice ECP5 LFE5UM-45F-8BG381C Lattice ECP5 LFE5UM-85F-8BG381C
DDR3 Memory Micron – MT41K128M16JT Micron – MT41K256M16JT
Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver 2x Marvell – Alaska 88E1510
SPI Serial Flash Memory Micron – M25P32 Micron – M25P64
EEPROM MAC Address Chip 2x Microchip Technology – 24AA025E
100 MHz Oscillator Silicon Labs – Standard Clock Oscillator
GPIO 22x Hirose Connector – FX18-40P-0.8SV
Optical Transceiver (*) Avago Technologies -HFBR-5911xLZ
FPD-Link II serializer and deserializer chipset (*) Texas Instruments – DS90UR241Q, DS90UR124Q
Power Consumption < 3 Watt
Power Supply PCIe 3.3V; External 5-24Vdc
External Power Connector CUI Inc – PJ-102AH; Phoenix Contact -1881448 (*)
Temperature Operating range +0 °C / +70 °C
Size (Hmm x Lmm x Pmm) 64,4mm x 108mm x 1,67mm (Low profile card form factor)
Certification CE

(*): Optional Component