Several devices of different type can communicate through Ethernet standard interface with a Gigabit connection. The reduced impact in terms of used resources makes the core suitable for a wide range of families of low cost FPGA devices. Control protocol software library is available for Windows and Linux OS.

Resource Utilization Example
Lattice XP2 32-bit interface
EBR LUT Register Fmax(MHz)
4 2500 1400 125
Actual resource utilization depends on selected speed and timing parameters
Key features
  • High Performance Ethernet UDP PC-FPGA data link
  • Bidirectional multichannel communication
  • Standard UDP/IP 10/100/1000 full speed Internet Protocol
  • Link speed up to 114 MByte/sec
  • ARP table and Ping management
  • Easy to use
  • FPGA minimum impact (no processor required)
  • minimum latency protocol control module
  • High configurability
  • FPGA Wishbone master interface
  • Control protocol software library
  • Reduced PC CPU occupancy
  • Video transport dedicated configuration available