Customers satisfaction is our primary objective

The formulation of the problem to be solved is accomplished in strict collaboration with customers, tuning on their real needs.
We therefore plan a tailored design process, in order to produce a fully functional prototype or evaluation series.
According to customer’s needs, we can deliver any intermediate step: either a feasibility study or solution definition.

From our experience close interaction between designers and customers allows an effective achievement of design goals.


  1. Knowledge transfer
    • Problem formulation: information collection
      interaction with the customer to formulate specification and constrains.
    • Deliverables
      design specifications and goals definition
  2. Feasibility studies
    • Solution definition
      Identification of the appropriate technology
      timing and cost evaluation
      specification analysis
    • Deliverables
      Feasibility study documentation
      technology transfer
  3. Prototyping
    • Devenlopment
      firmware and software design
      PCB design and implementation
      design verification
    • Deriverables
      validation in real application
  4. Sample production