Below are reported some of the relevant expertise gained over more than 15 years on the market.

NameDescriptionSectorApplication Example
PCI Express, 4x, video upload IP Core for video acquisition, Linux driver to receive images AllDiagnosis by image
GigE Vision IP receiver offload GigE Vision GVSP offload macro based on proprietary FPGA core for UDP/IP over gigabit link, Linux driver to receive images IndustrialVideo grabber for industrial application
Lidar Rotative laser scanner with proprietary rotating contactless data and power transmission ring interface IndustrialPipe inspection
Inspection cameraColour 720p, 24fps miniaturized camera, 4 high efficiency LED remotized on thin 4-wire cable, up to 10m longIndustrial, MedicalInspection camera
MIPI CSI2/DSI integration Sensor & Display integration with MIPI standard Automotive, IndustrialDisplay and image sensor management
HiSPi integration Sensor integration with HiSPi standard Industrial Image sensor management
Video pipeline packageReal-time megapixel video manipulation modules up to 600Mpixel/s, depending on hardware) AllSecurity camera
Multiple display interface IP core for streaming totwo synchronized displays AllDisplay management
Linear edge detection IP core to extract from sensor image data the center point of a linear laser projectorIndustrialProfile Laser Scanner
Space application level PCB designBoard design for space applicationsSpaceEM model for Space Industries
Automated test-bench for VHDL verification Functional FPGA design verification by means of automatic/semi-automatic test-bench and code-coverageSpace,AvionicsFPGA verification in hi-rel applications
FPGA DO-254 Design Flow FPGA design flow for avionicsSpace,Avionics
Video rotationHigh-speed resource-efficient Video Rotation IP core, 90-degrees steps (up to 1200MB/s throughout, depending on hardware) AllProfile Laser Scanner
SpaceWire DMAFPGA Bridge between CPU, DDR Memory and SpaceWire controller SpaceSpace on-board computer for instrumentation
Asymmetric half-duplex link for video/control/power over 4 wires Link between two FPGA/CPLD for data download (720Mbps) with LED and/or motor remote control over 4 wiresAllInspection camera
Asymmetric full-duplex link for video/control/power over UTP cable Link between two FPGA/CPLD for data download (1520Mbps) with LED and/or motor remote control over UTP cable (up to 50m long)AllInspection camera for harsh environment
Ethernet 10 Gigabit UDP/IP/MAC 10Gbit/s transfer rate over Ethernet AllQoS for telecom applications
Ethernet 40-100 Gigabit UDP/IP/MAC 40-100Gbit/s transfer rate over Ethernet AllData transfer for scientific applications
Time-of-flight FPGA Precise time measurement IP Core, 2ps limit AllTime-of-flight instrument

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