It can be used either as a general purpose prototyping board or as an embedded SBC: its features and the computational power of the CPU together with the unlimited flexibility of the FPGA make INVENTAMI a one-step-ahead candidate for a great range of applications.


Key features
  • Freescale i.MX6Dual/Quad, ARM® CortexTM-A9 core @ 1 GHz
  • 1 GByte DDR3L 64 Bit
  • Mini HDMI and LVDS + Touch display
  • 1 Micro USB OTG, 2 USB 2.0 type A (500mA each)
  • 1 micro SD card, 1 eMMC, 1 mSATA, 1 mPCIe
  • 1 microsim slot for GSM/LTE
  • Up to 2 Ethernet RJ45 (10/100/1000 MBit)
  • Analog Audio and Mic jacks
  • SPI, 2x CAN, i2c, 3x CMOS UART, 1x RS232 UART, GPIOs
  • Lauterbach compatible MIPI60 connector with JTAG and TRACE
  • Lattice® ECP5 user FPGA with up to 85K Logic element
  • 512 MByte DDR3 FPGA memory
  • HIGH SPEED B2B connectors (12.8 Gbps)
  • Compact size (116 x 92 x 31) mm

Moreover INVENTAMI platform natively supports high performance stereo video acquisition and processing applications with two input sensor interfaces and a specific 512 Mbyte image buffer, extending the CPU video capture features.

The platform provides SATA card for storage solutions, PCIExpress and up to two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for fast data transfer. Video Output is provided over either HDMI or LVDS with display interface. Expansion connectors are available with GPIOs and a high speed board-to-board link. BSP and custom drivers are open-sources.

Possible applications include machine vision, security and surveillance, medical diagnosis tools, smart traffic system.

Configuration Entry Version Full Version
CPU Freescale i.MX6 Dual @1GHz Freescale i.MX6 Quad @1GHz
CPU Memory 1 GByte DDR3
Storage 4 Gbyte eMMC 16 Gbyte eMMC
FPGA Lattice ECP5U 85 Lattice ECP5UM 85 with SERDES
FPGA Memory 512 MByte DDR3
Front Panel Connectors Mini HDMI
LVDS Touch Screen
1 USB 2.0 2 USB 2.0
1 Ethernet (CPU) 2 Ethernet (CPU + FPGA)
Micro SD
Expansion Connectors mPCIe x1 (half and full length)
Sim card slot
mSATA (half and full length)
High Density Connectors 0.5 mm 40 GPIO, 1USB 44 GPIO, 1 USB, 6.25 Gbps, PCIe
Low Density Connectors 2.54 mm 1 RS232 (+CTS/RTS), 3 CMOS UART, 6 GPIO, 1 CAN
Sensor Connectors 2 LVDS Cable 3.2 Gbps 2 LVDS Cable 3.2 Gbps, 2 LVDS FCC 3.2 Gbps
Debug Connector FPGA JTAG FPGA JTAG Lauterbach MIPI60 JTAG+TRACE
Power Supply 7-24 VDC
Power Consumption < 15 W
Working Temperature > +5 °C; < +55 °C
Board size (H x L x P) 116 x 92 x 31 mm
BSP Linux
Open-source FPGA IP Cores Register Bank, I2C


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