uAES128 Technology Independent Encryption IP core

The Sanitas EG IP core catalogue is enriched with another versatile
and efficient IP core: the uAES128 core for data encryption and decryption.

The Sanitas EG uAES128 IP Core implements the
AES Rijndael Block Cipher Algorithm algorithm, in compliance with the NIST Advanced Encryption Standard.
It allows to efficiently secure the data managed by the FPGA.
Besides encryption and decryption, it implements also the key schedule generation, including the possibility of generating and internally storing multiple keys to change the used key on the fly without executing the key expansion command.

Strength points of the implemented solution are the technology independence and the reduced resource occupation: the core is really compact, taking also advantage of embedded block RAMs.

Let’s find more details on Sanitas EG IP Core page and contact us to start using this core!