PHAROS Instrument

PHAROS2 Cryogenic PAF

The iTPM board, used also in the frame of SKA LFAA (Low-Frequency Aperture Array) instrument, has been successfully exploited within PHAROS2 activities. PHAROS2 digital backend based on iTPM

Aim of PHAROS2 project is the upgrade and enhance of PHAROS, a cryogenic PAF (Phased Array Feed), i.e.  an instrument to receive, amplify and process the cosmic radio waves that travel through the space.

The iTPM in particular realizes the new digital backend, replacing the existing analog beamformer of PHAROS; within this system the iTPM board acquires and processes astronomic radio signals in the range 4-8 GHz.
The detailed experimental results of PHAROS2 activities have been presented during the PAF workshop 2017 at Sydney: the most relevant ones are available in the attached presentation.