Video Rotation 90 IP Core now available!

We are really glad to inform about our new entry in the IP Core catalog, the Video Rotation 90  IP Core.

The Video Rotation 90 is a high-performance IP Core that allows the video rotation in 90-degree steps:  image streams can be rotated by 90°-180°-270° . 

The feature implemented in this IP Core  is definitely flexible: basically each of the main market segment (e.g.  industrial, medical, automotive) can take advantage exploiting it. 

The core is developed in VHDL optimizing both performance and resource usage: it is designed focusing on the memory block number reductions, while the specific functionality implemented is really eager of memory. We strongly suggest the usage of Video Rotation 90  together with our HP-DDR2/HP-DDR3 Controller FPGA IP Core: the two IP cores together reach the best resource usage vs bandwidth ratio. It is delivered either in HDL format or in netlist one,. 

Even if firstly developed on Lattice ECP5 FPGA Technology, Video Rotation 90 IP Core can be easily ported on the Lattice FPGA families or on FPGAs of different Vendors based on Customer needs.

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