Sanitas team

Yes, we smart-work! #stayathome

Sanitas EG team is gracefully operative @home, from day one of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Our management promptly reacted, and the 100% of employees positively responded: we moved most of the electronic equipment needed to proceed the design activities and adjusted the day-by-day mode of operations. 

We have now a sort of distributed office, and we are always connected each other to go on with the usual team working.

If Customers, both with long term relations with Sanitas EG or new ones, are thinking of new projects, redesigns, feasibility studies we are ready and happy to support and cooperate with them. This strange period could be an opportunity to imagine innovative products and to take on new challenges.

Pretty pills to survive to smart-working:

  • Dress code – do not forget to dress up in the morning…casual dress is perfect, but pyjamas are not recommended 😉
  • Efficient day schedule  – identify new work times so as to include some moments for the rest of the family, the possibility to plan the supermarket shopping when the queue is less long
  • Survive to babies&children – every evening keep some minutes to think to easy activities to entertain your children or babies (storytelling, drawing&painting, easy crafts…) while you are working. And… be patient if they want to participate in the calls….
  • Survive to teens – they have the on-line lessons and are very busy too…but a moment of fitness together should be a must-have during the day
  • Smart socialize – do not forget to plan a weekly smart coffee with all the colleagues: Sanitas EG one takes place every Thursday morning and we have also lots of “new colleagues”… our husbands, wives, daughters and sons, cats…because in the end a positive side effect is the stricter contact between job and family worlds