We were at MECSPE in Parma (Italy), the reference exhibition for the manufacturing industry where innovative solutions and products in mechanical, robotics and automation fields take advantage of meeting the real industrial vision.

The focus of this MECSPE edition was the “Digital factory 4.0”: the new manufacturing trend that expects to be faster, safer, more efficient exploiting the digitalisation and automation benefits.

In this context we presented our stereo vision system and the edge laser scanner, both based on the INVENTAMI board, and the new Profile Laser Scanner (PLS) at 8 KHz profile line.

The INVENTAMI board is a Single Board Computer, tailored for data acquisition and real time processing. It is flexible and easily customizable thanks to the i.MX6 processor and the FPGA companion chip, and it assures the high performance required by video processing applications.

The Profile Laser Scanner is based on FPGA technology, too. It is suited for industrial application to scan 3D image by means of laser triangulation method. A laser diode projects a visible line of light on the target and the line is captured by the high quality 1” CMOS global shutter sensor. The images are 3D projected by means of the FPGA, this is an ideal solution for industrial applications. This laser scanner can be customized allowing to measure objects at different working distance and field of view.